Parenthood is one of the most joyous and satisfying experiences of life. We consider it a privilege to share in the care of your baby and marvel with you at the growth and development of your child.

As your baby’s pediatrician, it is our goal to protect the baby’s health by assisting you in recognizing his needs. Our aim is to recognize problems early, and to prevent them by regular well child checkups, during which all aspects of health, growth, and development will be evaluated.

The doctor who discharges you from the hospital will advise you regarding your baby’s first office visit.
Complementary Prenatal Visit

At your visit, you will take a brief tour of our office and have an opportunity to meet with one of our pediatricians. This meeting is an opportunity for you to get to know more about the physician who may be caring for your child for the next eighteen years.

Bring a pad and paper! Topics you may wish to discuss at your visit include the following:

    Mother’s Obstetrical & Prenatal History
    Newborn Screening Tests while at the Hospital
    Advantages & Disadvantages of Breastfeeding vs. Formula
    Circumcision options
    Schedule of Well-Child Visits
    The Importance of Immunizations
      Safety and anticipatory guidance including:






      supine sleeping position to prevent SIDS


      appropriate crib accessories

        After Hours & Emergency Contact Information
        Payment & Insurance Plans Accepted
        Parenting Skills

We want to Meet You!

Call our office at (904) 347-2773 to schedule your complementary prenatal visit.
We look forward to seeing you!