My name is Sara Ines Guzman, I was born and race in The Dominican Republic, a small island in the Caribbean Sea. It has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches I’ve ever seen and the people are always friendly and welcoming, always ready for a celebration.

I am a second generation physician as my father was a Doctor. He was a great inspiration in my life, not only did he give me a first glance at Medicine and what a Doctor does every day but he taught me to have great respect for the Medical Profession and for my patients. He was also a great role model as he was a family man and taught us to respect out mother above all, to love and cherish our spouses and to love and protect our children as he did.

After finishing medical school in Santo Domingo, DR; I moved to NY where I finished a residency in General Pediatrics and after a few months, I moved to Waycross, GA to work at MCHC. Shortly after I went back to the DR to get married and I’ve lived here ever since.  I am amazingly blessed with two wonderful children that are smart, curious and always on the go; and along with my husband they fulfill my life. I am also blessed with working in a profession that I enjoy with a passion, working with the most amazing creatures God gave us, “Children”. They are relentless and don’t hesitate to tell you what is on their minds. I have learned many things since the spring of 2005 when I first started working at MCHC and especially in the last 2 years after taking on the new challenge of Medical Director. I believe we can accomplish great things if we work together as a team, and that team effort starts with bringing in good positive energy and a bright smile every day to work.

I enjoy spending time outside with my children and husband, discovering new places or simply feeling the cool afternoon breeze while walking on the beach, perfect…

Great song: I hope you dance

“and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance;   I hope you dance…  I hope you dance”